Using Facebook and Twitter To Market Your Business

Your business can use Facebook and Twitter to share relevant information about your company and industry in a swift and easy manner. You can send out Tweets on regular intervals on what your business is doing in the market place. You can also monitor Facebook to have dialogues with your customers and prospects.

Acperion can show you how to share fresh content on a regular basis while providing real value to your social media followers. We can also set up a social media marketing dashboard that allows your team to better manage your Tweets and other social media interactions. We'll show you how to engage with your audience and turn them into customers.

Use a Social Media Marketing Dashboard for Twitter to Promote User Engagement, Conversations and Interactions

The social media tracking dashboard incorporates Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social websites into one viewable panel. Here's what we can do for you:

  • Schedule Tweet and Facebook Updates: Predetermine in advance on how many and when to Tweet and/or Facebook posts you want to occur during the day. Your updates can also be conducted using your iPhone and Android smart phone.

  • Set-up Multiple Social Profiles: Tweet to Twitter, post to Facebook (including pages and groups) and LinkedIn using just one central dashboard.

  • Location Targeting: Be able to connect with prospects and customers in your local area to build an affinity to your company.

  • Contact Acperion today (303.351.2194 / to learn more about Twitter marketing and how to use social media dashboards for all of your social media marketing needs.