Social Media Management Services

Social media marketing can be part of your online efforts to generate demand for your products and services. Many companies are not exactly sure on how to enter social media, what goals to set, how much money to invest and what are the investment returns. Acperion can assist your marketing department on how to take advantage of social media for your organization.

Acperion has been doing social media since 2004 starting out with business blogs, Flickr photo sharing, YouTube viral videos and more. Today, we have clients using Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Groupon, and Flickr. Each one of these social marketing platforms has its own set of unique business rules in order to take advantage of these sites. Acperion can show you how to do this in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Some Social Media Marketing Actions To Take:

  • Social Media Marketing Consulting - provide social media insights on how to enter and maintain a strong social media presence.

  • Social Media Profile Selection and Nurturing

  • Facebook Marketing - Using Facebook to drive traffic back to the main site.

  • Twitter Communications - Using excellent content with keyword-rich phrases which encourages the Tweet to be re-tweeted and influencing your website rankings.

  • Google+ for Businesses - A Facebook Fan competitor and an excellent opportunity to gain more social signals for higher search rankings.

  • Social Listening - Sometimes "Listening" to what is being written about your brand can help your company to be proactive with people who may be complaining.

  • Our goal is to not rely on just the social media marketing channel as the sole source of online marketing communications but integrate social media into your other successful online digital strategies.

    If your not in Facebook, wondering what LinkedIn is and trying to figure on how to use Google +, give Acperion a call at 303.351.2194.