Measure your social media effectiveness

Acperion has a few social media tools that will help you to become more efficient social media marketers and measure your effectiveness. Every company needs one or more of these applications to be social media productive and savvy.

Engage Your Fans on Facebook 

We have an excellent tool that helps you to engage your fans, qualify them and track the Facebook results.

Schedule Social Media Activity 

We can show you how to cue up social media content to be automatically distributed throughout the day and during the week.  Frees up your time to focus on other business activities.

Analyze Your Social Media Performance 

Ever wonder your social media performance is? We have a tool that can measure your Tweet performance.

Find "Skills and Expertise" Professionals for Leads

We can show you how to mine business-to-business contacts and leads using simple social media tools.

Email Social Media Summary About Your Company

This tracks what is being mentioned about your business in the various social media channels, bundles it up and summarizes it for you in an email format. 

Measure Your Social Media Performance 

Looking for a dashboard that measures how well your social media performance is.  Offers charts and graphs showing traffic, fans, users, comments and more.

Better Than Klout

We can show you how to measure your online social media interactions and it will point out  how well or how poor your social influence is.  This tool is much better than Klout.