PPC Campaign Management Services

Google Adwords, MSN adCenter and Facebook Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) is a fast way to get top ranking position almost immediately because you pay for the rankings. Paid search engine marketing provides top search engine positions because it all depends on how much you want to pay (bid) for each keyword.

PPC is usually done to augment organic search ranking campaigns. Pay Per Click advertising is also used to target very competitive keywords that may be cost prohibitive for organic SEO.

Our Denver PPC consultancy services for Google Adwords campaigns and MSN advertising can help your online business to receive more leads and sales.

Pay Per Click Rates and Formula

There are a few steps involved to get your Google Adwords campaign live so that each PPC advertising campaign can be managed properly. First there is the important keyword research and some homework into what your competitors are doing with PPC (Google and/or MSN Advertising.) Acperion will also set up your account or take over an existing PPC advertising account.

Once you decide on the what the monthly pay per click budget is, our work begins by managing the account to improve on the campaign clickthrough rates, ranking position and attract qualified traffic that makes a website conversion.

PPC reporting

Our PPC campaign management services includes PPC analytic feedback reports that shows you which keywords were used by the search engine users to click into your site and are these visitors converting. We continually monitor these campaign ads and keyword selections for future updating so that you website receives the maximum number of clicks at the lowest cost per click.

Here's a short list on what we report on for each PPC campaign:
  • Campaign monthly cost and ROI.
  • Cost Per Conversion.
  • Click through rate (CTR.
  • Cost Per Click.
  • Average ad ranking position.
  • Number of impressions.
  • Number of clicks.

Facebook Advertising


Acperion has been doing Facebook ad campaigns for small to large businesses and we can help you:

  • Identify what successful campaign metrics should be.
  • Use Facebook's Precise target (a way of displaying your ad in front of either a wide or narrow audience) feature for your ads and establish ad budget guidelines.
  • Get your ad approved by using our previous Facebook ad approval methodology.
  • Provide monthly Facebook ad campaign reports and analytics.