Get More Website Visits from Videos

Online Video Search Engine Marketing Tips

YouTube and other online video hosting websites continually show year over year growth in their site traffic and video views. It just makes sense for most businesses to have a presence in these online video websites in order to take advantage of a whole new audience.

Acperion has the experience in online video editing, video seo (search engine optimization), creating branded YouTube Channel pages and video marketing to generate leads and sales.

YouTube Branded Page - Online Video Optimization and SEO

We can take your existing company videos and edit them down into 60-90 second chunks. The smaller sized videos can get more video views as opposed to posting a 10 minute video. Once edited, we set-up a YouTube branded channel page. The channel page has your company's branded look and feel and aligns nicely with your corporate branding standards. We also search engine optimize (seo) the video files so that they rank better in the video rankings and also in the Google rankings.

Online Video Marketing


By having a strong video presence in YouTube, Meta Cafe and AOL video, it extends your internet reach to more channels for more leads and sales. We will provide you with video-views data from the various video hosting websites so you can see how often videos are watched and how many online prospects are clicking back to your corporate website to seek more information about your company.