Mobile Marketing Solutions in Denver CO

Did you know that in 2013, over 75% US mobile subscribers regularly use the internet on their mobile device - reaching a total of 105 million users. So if you are a firm believer in search engine optimizing your website to capture the home/business PC users using Google, Yahoo/Bing, it makes sense to have a plan to go after a segment of the market that uses mobile and tablet search to find local information about your products and services.

If mobile marketing is not part of your overall online marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge online marketing channel that currently is less cluttered than other online marketing channels. Reason why? Because the majority of businesses either havenít thought about mobile marketing or they still think that have a mobile presence is too confusing.

Acperion can outline a mobile marketing outreach plan that will grow your business by tapping into a whole new audience that uses their handheld mobile devices for local search - such as maps for directions, restaurant locations, and other local businesses.

We can help your marketing department to:

  • Build a mobile smartphone or responsive design website.
  • Build an iPhone and/or Android app.
  • Mobile search engine optimization (seo for mobile).
  • Mobile analytic selection and analysis.
  • Decide what mobile marketing vendors to choose from.
  • Geo fencing local marketing campaigns using mobile coupons and other offers.
  • Augmented reality for smart phones.
  • Integration of quick response ( QR bar codes ) or Jag Tag bar codes for print advertising.