Acperion has been using Google Analytics for our clients when Google first launched this product in 2005. We have been using WebTrends, Nielsen Net Ratings, Click Tracks and other main stream web metric reporting tools since 1999.

We can provide you with simple reports that will analyze and trend your month to month and year over year Unique Visitor traffic, referrals sources, keyword phrase conversions, Bounce Rates, mobile marketing effectiveness and conversion rate optimization effectiveness.

For example, your Google Analytics program can be set up for various Sales Conversion Funnels that can track the completion of your online shopping cart, web form interactions, contact form completion and any other webpage applications that your prospects will interact with. Whether you are using Google Analytics or some other web metric tracking application, Acperion can interpret the monthly results and show you how the website is currently performing and how it can perform better.

Custom Automated Website Reports

Branded Keyword Performance Tracking

  • Track traffic for your branded and non-branded keywords.
  • Learn which group of keywords generate a lead and a sale.
  • Learn if your branded keyword terms are generating increasing traffic.
  • Helps stay focused for SERP improvement.

  • Universal Search

  • Track Universal Search results such as: local, video, shopping, images, news, and more.
  • Track keywords with local results.
  • If you have online videos, photos, in additional to your website, having a strategy and a tracking mechanism to learn how to have more than one search ranking in the top 10 results can be beneficial.