Is your website taking full advantage of image search optimization? Flickr's TOS states users shouldn't use their site to promote business services but you can use Flickr to post photography content that conforms to the communities interest while bringing some positive attention to your products and services.
Many website owners have photos and images embedded in their webpages. Then add in the fact that over 15% of Google searchers use image search to find online information. That's a perfect recipe to take advantage of this new audience to generate more site visits and leads.

  • Receive relevant visitor using image search.
  • Outrank your competitors.
  • Generate more sales leads.
  • Increase sales.

Google Image Search For High Rankings

The Google search spider can not read images and graphics and that's the challenge in attempting to rank #1 for a particular photograph or graphic image. The Google ranking algorithm for images does look at a few key items when trying to determine if the image is relevant for #1 or top 10 rankings.