Today, there are many websites that were designed to look real good but do they convert? An online conversion can be defined as getting a web form filled out for more leads, getting the visitor to download a whitepaper or getting the visitor call your 1-866 phone number. Acperion's website design and web development experience includes user experience, navigation hierarchy design, content creation and most importantly, to make sure that proper SEO is implemented during the design phase and not after the website goes live.

Our main goal is to design a website that appeals to your most relevant target market audience which helps to keep your lead pipeline full. We enjoy designing great looking websites but at the end of the day, it's how much money did the website generate for your business and Acperion can do that for you.

Acperion Wordpress web design agency in the Denver area.

Acperion wants to build responsive websites that convert and increases your return on investment. Some of the core business requirements we have when building a website is: 1. SEO - make sure the search spiders can find and index the webpage content, 2. User Experience - make sure the sites usability is simple and easy to follow and 3. Website Analytics - make sure all user interactions can be tracked. This way you can see how your website visitors actually interact with your webpages.

Denver website development and design.

Here's a few bullet points as to why you should choose Acperion as your web design agency:
  • We have over 15 years experience designing websites.

  • Acperion has experience building corporate intranets, blogs, microsites and robust ecommence websites.

  • We have the experience to launch a robust content management system (from scratch or replace your current CMS).

  • We build websites using different programming languages such at CSS 5, .Net, PHP, SQL and ASP.Better understanding on web analytics.

  • We make sure that SEO is part of the website design process in the early development stages. This reduces your search engine optimization investment over the long-term and increases the likelihood the site will get high search engine ranking placements (SERPS.)We build websites using different programming languages such at CSS 5, .Net, PHP, SQL and ASP.Better understanding on web analytics.

SEO web design.

When your website design project begins, it's the best time to start the SEO research too. We have seen countless potential client's come to Acperion after they have already launched their website and we discover many web design problems that hinders the search spiders from properly indexing the content. As part of the SEO web design process and website requirements, we research and document what keywords will be used, use of directory names, graphic naming conversions, redirect strategy, meta tags, SEO content creation, etc. Doing SEO now will save you money and achieve better results earlier than waiting after your website goes "live" and then we have to spend a lot of time figuring it all out.

Google algorithm updates and website design


Google made over 500 algorithm updates in 2014 and probably just as many are planned in 2015. Your website design should focus on these areas that Google now uses to rank websites. There are many more but here are a few below:

  • Website speed (how fast do the files download.

  • Duplicate content (we don't want to repurpose the same content on your other owned websites.)

  • Website usability (Google tracks how users interact with your site - e.g. Bounce Rate.)

  • Is the website content grammatically correct?