Forensic apartment digital marketing  services

Are your apartment marketing efforts at the most optimum levels? We can find the gaps.

We recently asked NAA (National Apartment Association) and AIM (Apartment Internet Marketing) conference organizers to provide us with a random sample of 40-50 property management companies who are attending these two conferences in 2014. We found that over 50% of these conference participants had a zero mobile presence and over 88% had little to none search engine optimization (seo.) This means these property management companies are losing leads, appointments and lease conversions (move-ins.)

If the seo and mobile basics are not being attended to, there could be other marketing department opportunities that Acperion's Forensic Apartment Marketing Consultant Services can uncover that could lead to lowering your marketing expenses while increasing the lead stream volume, appointments and move-ins.

Below are some of the digital marketing areas that we can evaluate along with a remediation plan to correct and improve your apartment marketing department effectiveness:

  • PPC Analysis: Clickthrough rate on PPC advertising (measures effectiveness of ad content), cost per click, campaign ad content effectiveness - is ppc working for you

  • Search Engine Optimization/SEO: Quality of SEO for the web site and effectiveness of search engine optimization of web site content as measured by: position in search engine results on targeted keywords, traffic to landing pages, conversions from visits to landing pages, etc. Is your website properly set up using the most current SEO tactics?

  • User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI): Is the website designed correctly to generate visitor traffic?

  • Website Analytics: Does the website have analytics tracking? If yes, if the website performing as it should be?

  • Spam Website Code: Does the website have JavaScript code inserted by your website design company that secretly spams Google search users to click into your website?

  • Business Plan Development: Does your department have a digital marketing business plan?

  • Internet Listing Services Advertising Effectiveness: How effective is your marketing spending with the Internet Listing Services websites? Do you have the best rates?

  • Social Media Presence: How good is your social media presence amongst the various social sites? Are your social profiles created correctly?

  • Mobile Presence: Do you have an adequate mobile presence? We can show you how to fix it fast. Is the website optimized for rendering properly on smartphones, tablets and phablets?

  • ROI Analysis: We can perform an ROI analysis for mobile, seo , and chat service and demonstrate that your property management company can be earning hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of dollars of incremental move-in revenue.

  • Your property management company will have Steve Taraborelli, former V.P. sales and marketing at UDR, Inc assigned to your project and Steve will take the lead role in the Forensic Digital Marketing engagement.